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• Lowest price per base pair
Pricing for Oligos in Tubes (price per base)
Description0.01 µmole HTS*0.01 µmole0.05 µmole0.2 µmole1 µmole10 µmole
10 nmole10 nmole50 nmole200 nmole1,000 nmole10,000 nmole
Standard Unpurified (deblocked and salt-free)$0.18$0.21$0.30$0.76$1.33$12.71
HPLC Purification
(per primer)
PAGE Purification¹
(per primer)
* High-throughput 96-well plates, 200 µl, Concentration normalized to 50 µM.
¹ PAGE purification is available for oligos greater than 20 bases in length.
² 2-Step purification is required for HPLC purified oligos greater than 60 bases in lenght, and PAGE purified loigos greater than 69 bases in length.
Shipping condition
Lyophilized in standard tubes
Typical Yield for Dual-Labeled Probes
Yields vary due to oligo length and composition. Stated yields are based upon a 25-mer with a 5'-end 6-FAM and 3'-end TAMRA.
0.025 µmole0.5-1.0
0.05 µmole1.0-3.0
0.2 µmole3.0-5.0
1.0 µmole5.0-10.0
Quality Controls
Every oligo synthesized is strictly controlled for quality by using either MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) analysis. Final yields are determined using UV absorbance at OD260.
All dual-labeled probes are quality checked by using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and UV analysis.
Performance Guarantee
Operon guarantees that the oligo you receive will be the sequence you ordered. If you report a sequence error within 30 days of order receipt, we will gladly remake your oligo free of charge or provide a credit for the purchase amount.
Expected shipment time for dual-labeled probes is 3 - 5 working days. Standard tube orders ship within 24 - 48 hours.
Shipping and Handling
No cost to customer